I provide various types of appointments, including specialist assessments, reviews and counselling/therapy sessions. I am trained and experienced in a range of psychological approaches, but my services aim towards facilitating clients in making decisions and choices in an equal professional partnership, from a person-centred perspective. Remote options are now available for most types of appointments. I have specific training and accreditation in remote working. I see clients presenting with a diverse range of needs and issues, including:

  • Gender
  • Transitioning gender
  • Decisions around hormone treatments and surgeries
  • Requesting referral for hormone treatment and surgeries
  • Living authentically in the world
  • Sexualities
  • Autism
  • General and social anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem
  • Relationships, family and significant others
  • Loss
  • Ageing
  • Living well
  • Lifestyle and major life changes
  • Other areas of concern

If you would like assistance with any of these, or, an issue that it is not mentioned, please contact to discuss this further. Please be aware though that if you have severe unmanaged mental health issues and/or have deliberately self harmed or attempted suicide in the last 6 months, that my services are not appropriate for you. As an adult practitioner, I am afraid that I cannot provide services to clients under the age of 18.

Types of Appointments

Psychological assessments.

Assessments and referrals for gender related hormone treatments.

Assessments and referrals for gender related surgeries.

Assessments for legal gender recognition reports.

Adult autism assessments (face to face appointments only).

Follow up reviews.

Counselling and psychotherapy.

Relationship counselling.

Family therapy.

Consultations and counselling around gender and gender identity.

Consultations and counselling around autism.

Counselling to parents, partners and significant others around gender reassignment and transition.