Specialist psychological assessments and consultations

Diagnostic assessments and consultations for gender dysphoria

Adult diagnostic assessments and consultations for autism

Assessments for endorsements of hormone therapies

Assessments for all types of gender related surgeries

Follow up reviews

Legal gender recognition application specialist reports

Follow up reviews and counselling following autism assessment

Counselling and psychotherapy

Partner(s), significant others and family counselling

Professional training courses, supervision, and workshops

I provide specialist psychological assessments and follow-up sessions including reviews for endorsement of hormone therapy, reviews for endorsement of all types of gender surgeries, psychotherapy, counselling and specialist reports for legal gender recognition applications.

I have a specialist interest in autism and am pleased to offer diagnostic autism assessments using gold standard measures and increased provision of counselling for clients with autism. I have a strong commitment to continuous professional development and regularly attend and present at conferences and professional events in psychology, medicine and related disciplines, gender diversity and autism.

For clients wanting hormone therapy, I arrange, as appropriate, a complete gender specialist service assessment (psychological and medical), so this will mean a minimum of 2 appointments. Forms to arrange blood tests with GPs can be provided at the appointment as appropriate. If following medical assessment, there are no medical contraindications to hormone therapy being initiated, then this can be done through private prescription or GP prescription, depending on whether the patient’s GP is amenable to prescribing at that stage. Some GPs are more comfortable continuing rather than initiating a prescription in relation to private treatment. For surgical referrals, a referral letter and a copy of the consultation report will be sent to the client’s selected surgeon.

Alongside supporting the development of specialist knowledge and expertise in gender and sexuality, I also endeavour to raise knowledge, skills and awareness in relation to trans generally in delivery of services and my book ‘Counselling Skills for Working with Gender Diversity and Identity’ (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) was written with this in mind. I aim to deliver a professional, but also individually focused service with a view to clients feeling well supported, fully involved and informed, throughout all aspects of their care.

As an adult specialist, I am afraid that I do not see clients under the age of 18, but appointments can be booked in advance for after your 18th birthday. 

New client assessment appointments are currently being booked into July 2020. All efforts are made to reduce waiting time as much as is possible. Other types of appointments may have earlier availability and existing clients are prioritised and seen (as feasible), according to request and need. Appointments can be booked, at client request, for up to 12 months in advance. Once assessment appointments are confirmed for new clients, then earlier appointment offers can be sent, as and when the slots become available.