£300 (self-funded)
£450 (insurer funded)

Psychological assessment for general psychological issues, gender dysphoria, referrals for hormone treatment and surgeries, (pre-session forms, 75 minute assessment consultation and report included). Please specify when booking, the type of psychological assessment being requested.

Diagnostic adult autism assessments
Initial in person assessment (180 minutes), further consultation session (45 minutes – remote) to discuss results and recommendations. Fee includes pre-session forms and combined questionnaires, clinical interview, administration (plus analysis) of ADOS-2 and 3di and final report. Please note that a parent or significant other is encouraged to be registered to attend the first hour of the assessment for the administration of the 3di, but the remainder of the assessment and the further consultation session is attended by the client only.

Follow up reviews
These are 45 minute review appointments for existing clients (report included). Referrals for gender related surgeries and hormone treatment for existing clients who have had initial gender assessments can be reviewed in follow up appointments.

Gender recognition specialist reports:
Legal gender recognition gender specialist medical report appointment (75 minutes), pre-consultation forms, reviewing documents and report included. Existing clients can submit reports from previous appointments for their applications. If these need updating, please book in for a follow up review.

Counselling and psychotherapy sessions
£120: 45 minutes
(pre-session forms included, all parties attending need to be registered and booked in in advance, no report).

Professional supervision
£120: 45 minutes

Please note that only booked in clients can attend appointments. It is not appropriate for other parties to attend unless the relevant type of session has been booked, as these are otherwise 1:1.

Professional training courses and workshops by arrangement.

I have been registered and approved by the following insurance providers:
PP HealthCare

Clients seeking their consultations to be covered by insurance need to check their coverage with their insurer for the type of appointment and cost before booking an appointment, and claim fees back from their insurer (BUPA clients excepted, who need to provide their membership number, authorisation number and number of authorised consultations for direct invoicing of BUPA).

There are no reports for counselling, psychotherapy sessions and supervision.

Cancellation policy
If confirmed appointments are cancelled, then a full refund is issued minus a £30 administrative cost up until 14 days prior to the appointment. This cost increases to £50 for cancellation within 14 days of the appointment. There is no cost to rescheduling an appointment up until 14 days prior, after which the late cancellation cost applies (£50). There are special terms and conditions for adult autism assessments which are agreed prior to booking.