Initial psychological assessment (60 minutes) £300 (report included). Please allow plenty of time to attend your assessment appointment, as the duration can sometimes be extended, if necessary (at no additional cost).

Assessments for gender dysphoria and referrals for gender related endocrine treatment or surgeries – book in for initial assessment above. Existing clients, who have had a previous assessment appointment, can book in for a follow up appointment for reviews for referrals for gender related endocrine treatment and surgeries.

Please note that all insurance, employment and other company funded initial assessments are booked and funded for 90 minutes (except for autism assessments- see below). Please advise on booking, if you are covered by insurance or other third party funding – £450 (report included). I have been registered and approved by the following insurance providers: Aviva, Cigna, Axa PP HealthCare and Bupa. Clients seeking their treatment to be covered by insurance need to check their coverage with their insurer for the type of appointment  and cost, before booking an appointment.

Diagnostic adult autism assessments (180 minutes) £950 (pre-session questionnaire, clinical interview, administration of ADOS-2 and 3di (adapted), report with recommendations included).

Follow up reviews  (30 minutes) £150 (report included).

Counselling and psychotherapy sessions (45 minutes) £150 (no report).

Block of 6 counselling/psychotherapy sessions -£600 (no reports). Please note that this discount is only available to self funded clients. It is not required to commit to and pay for all 6 sessions in advance. For every 4 sessions completed, 2 further sessions are available at no additional cost.

Consultation sessions (40 minutes) £150 (no report). Please note that you would still need to book in for an initial assessment appointment for an assessment, diagnosis or referral. No reports or letters are provided. These sessions are for those who would like to consult with me, but are not seeking an assessment, medical referral or counselling/ psychotherapy.

Gender recognition reports – Existing clients can use their previous assessment and  review reports in their application. New clients will need to book in for an initial assessment.

Letter of endorsement for change of gender and name on passport and/or driving licence (existing clients only) – no charge.

Professional supervision – please contact with details for a tailored quote.

Professional training courses and workshops by arrangement.